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Chef JJ's Downtown
Indianapolis, IN 

Chef JJ’s Downtown is a unique restaurant concept which utilizes the Big Green Egg (http://www.biggreenegg.com/) as Chef JJ Boston’s cooking method of choice.  The Big Green Egg is a critical component of the restaurant; private classes are centered around grilling on the Egg.  Menus are created to feature Chef JJ’s expertise with this ancient technology.  Grilling demos are featured under one of two exhaust hoods in the facility and piped through closed circuit television for all patrons to see.  Chef JJ services group clientele through pre-sold business development or private events.  Publicly available cooking demos, dinners and grilling classes are scheduled on www.chefjjs.com.  Or tailgaters strolling the “South Street Crawl” before a Colts game at near by Lucas Oil Stadium can stop by the patio to enjoy a Bistro Box (carry out lunch grilled on the Big Green Egg) complete with local beer from one of Central Indiana’s many craft breweries.

The project consists of an existing building with new addition which takes advantage of a z-shaped lot configuration.  The existing building, including an occupied basement, provides a commercial kitchen, offices, employee areas and a large dining room which is connected to the new addition.  The new addition, which features arched glu-laminated structure and decking, replaced a dilapidated exterior wood patio by creating a new entrance lobby, new dining room and exterior patio with canopy which can be used independently or as a part of the new interior dining space.  The new structure, which remains exposed as a finished material on both the interior and exterior of the building, extends over the roof of the existing building to capture additional roof-top interior space and to define a rooftop garden terrace. 

The result is a dynamic, sculptural interior layout which can service one very large group, or four smaller groups simultaneously.

Chef JJ's Downtown is the new kid on the blockPinned column base plate connections gave the pedestrian level of the building a tactile quality.The rooftop terrace features raised herb planting bedsA sliding glass wall brings the outside covered patio inside the building