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Historic L.A. Jennings Building
New Castle, IN 

The L.A. Jennings Building, built in 1877, is located one-half block from the Henry County Courthouse in New Castle, Indiana. The building is currently being restored to contain four new restaurants and 20 apartment units.

Early 20th century post card featuring the L.A. Jennings Building

Today the Jennings Building remains a proud but run down symbol of early Industrial Age American ingenuity. Although the original configuration of the building is unknown,with the exception of that which is shown in historical photographs, the current layout of the building includes a retail type of layout on the first floor, office spaces on the second floor and apartments on the third floor.

The renovation of the building includes building out the basement and first floor to house four new restaurants and salvaging many historic features while converting the second floor into apartments.  The third floor apartments will also be modified to accommodate modern amenities and square footage requirements.  A passenger elevator, egress stair tower and sprinkler system will provide modern life safety upgrades.  

The finished product hopes to breathe new life into the Downtown New Castle core and enliven nearby public spaces as a part of the public-private partnership which encouraged the salvage and re-development of an important Indiana Landmark.

The LA Jennings Building as of 2012

Phase 1 (Completed in 2010)  To stabilize the building on behalf of Indiana Landmarks (formerly the Historic Landmarks of Indiana), Halstead Architects provided consulting by means of field measuring the building and providing details for re-roofing and a full window replacement.

Phase 2 (In Progress)  Halstead Architects teamed up with a California developer to provide a preliminary feasiblity study which transformed into a tax credit project to provide housing and much needed commercial development for the urban core of New Castle, IN.  The project broke ground in July 2014 to be completed over the course of the following year.

The LA Jennings Building Artist Rendering